Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Angelika Krasinska 

BA [Hons] Design for Stage + Screen Character MakeUp Design

I am a character designer, passionate about makeup application along with sculpting and making prosthetics. I focus on producing quality work and being an asset to any given team or project. I'm extremely detail orientated, creative and great at thinking on my feet. This course has offered me lots of experiences and skills which have thought me how to manage projects through creative problem solving and innovative thinking.

Design for Screen - Mr. Inkblot's Academy

A classic children’s book (which was later made into a screenplay) written by Jan Brzechwa, first published in 1946.
The writer began to write this story in 1944, with War happening right outside his flat window as a means of escapism not only for children but also for himself.
The creative challenge of this text was that it is set in a very definite reality and imagined hyper-reality. Therefore it offered me, the character designer, an opportunity to design character transformations.
It was important for me to take influence from both the setting and the time this text was written in. I wanted to create a world and characters which contrasted with the grim reality of 1940s Poland.
I took into consideration that this story would mainly resonate with people of Polish origin, however, I think the symbolism and need to escape from harsh reality is a message that's universal to all. This book was one of the bedtime stories read to me as a child. Choosing this text as my major project was not only nostalgic but also gave me the opportunity to look at it from a different perspective.