Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Cian Hannon 

BSc [Hons] Creative Media Technologies

I am 21 years old and i am from Leixlip. I am interested in electrical applications and software design. I completed a 4 year degree in Creative Media Technologies and have obtained many skills in multiple coding languages and Adobe photoshop and premier pro, Excel, Tableau, Electrical projects (microcontrollers etc), Use of machinery and electronics, Studio work with cameras sound engineering etc, Cisco networks, Data analysis, Marketing and business strategy

Project Description

The Data logger for solar is a device that automatically records and monitors the parameters over a period. The information is gathered from the solar panel and is stored in an excel sheet on the SD card. The data is then sorted into columns in the excel spreadsheet with the main columns being the date and time, voltage, current and power. The results from these columns are then imported into the Tableau software app to be visually represented into line graphs and bar charts. Time can be adjusted in between logs by just changing the Millis in the Arduino IDE code. The data taken can let the user know how much energy their solar panel generates on any certain area of their home. Using the data taken the user can find out where the best place for the solar panels to be placed to ensure getting the maximum potential out of their panel.

Data logger for solar power

The world is suffering from harsh methods of powering and heating your home as a lot of these methods cause air pollution. They also cost a lot more then solar power. It has been proven that incorporating solar power into powering and heating your home is guaranteed to have major benefits to the eco system. It is also a way more inexpensive way of powering and heating your home. The study aims to figure out how much power just a small 12V solar panel can produce in a few hours in Ireland. Solar power is the next big thing in producing energy for homes and is 100% ecofriendly as all it requires is rays from the sun. People who invest in solar power will find they are saving money in the long run.