Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jessie Lopez II 

BA [Hons] Animation

I am an animator and filmmaker based in Wicklow, Ireland. This showcase features some of my animated work from the last few years. Selected production stills from 'Some Days', the graduation film I directed, which delves into the heart of memories and the relationships built within them. Animation from La Bestia that I had the opportunity to work on during my Erasmus exchange at Gobelins, L'école de L'image in Paris and some reels showcasing some recent animated work.

Project Description

Memories they come and go. There are memories that we cherish and some that we lose sight of. We long for that feeling, but bit by bit we soon forget. The unreliability of a memory, isn't that enough? 'Some Days' explores a non-linear narrative about facing ourselves and our memories through the use various mixed media styles and techniques. Some days we long for broken fragments, as we fear that it no longer contains the connection that was once there. But in the end we realise that these fragments will always be a part of us and the feeling might not be the same but it still holds a special place within us.