Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Amy O'Reilly 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Amy O'Reilly is a 2022 graduate student in the National Film School, majoring in directing, with a minor in sound design. Beginning her film school journey set on scriptwriting or editing, to then developing skills in other areas of filmmaking, Amy has gained a passion for working with actors and leading a crew over her four years in the NFS. With a particular specialised interest in assistant direction and intimacy coordination, and being a director with a colourful vision, her work has come to be personal and professional, with an attention to detail and appreciation of aesthetics. Amy is an adaptable crew member with an actor-based skill set and a safety first mindset.

The Button Baby (2022)

'The Button Baby' is a story of family, complicated grief, and the complexity of resolving buried trauma. When outgoing Leanne's world is turned upside down by the death of her abusive father and the reappearance of her younger brother, she is faced with a challenge; can she break down the guard she built up so high, and can she come to trust the boy her father loved more? With a collection of buttons and a colourful facade, Leanne has to learn that it's not as easy as she thought to bury old trauma, and that when it comes back up, it hurts.

Complex Storytelling and The Perfect Reveal in Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 7

With good storytelling comes deep narrative, built up and developed until that big reveal leaves an audience wondering ‘How did I not see this coming?’. For every good plot twist or big reveal there is a formula behind it, and the aim of this thesis is to investigate some of the processes behind the effectiveness of the ‘big reveal’ in Mr. Robot Season 4 episode 7, 407 Proxy Authentication Required.