Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Anna Larsson 

BA [Hons] Art

Anna Larsson (b.1995, Gothenburg) is a Swedish artist working between Sweden and Ireland. Her work focuses on personal and collective experiences in contemporary society, often dealing with subjects of intimacy, distance, and human behavior. Anna’s practice includes a wide range of mediums, photography, mixed material sculpture, video editing, and sound design. Often the various methods are combined in the final pieces. She has been participating in group shows since 2016, Release: Expanded Field of Publication. (Gothenburg) 2017, New Translations (Dublin) 2019, and Afterthought (Dublin) 2020.

Project Description

Feminine experience and independence are the reoccurring themes in my practice. Interpersonal relationships and communication are essential to all of us. In the sculpture and sound piece Speaking Swan, the viewer is faced with a Swan uttering the sentence “I don’t like you”, the viewer faces the statement delivered by a light voice. The swan is personified and has its own voice.
This use of surrealism and personification is also found in the piece Crow, a mixed-media sculpture with vicious teeth and black all-seeing eyes. Crow sits high up and oversees a series of photographs presenting a character called Invisible Woman. A woman who shifts between being visible and invisible.
The work Crow’s Heart, Lemon, Feet combines LED technology and multiple sculptural practices. It features resin and clay elements brought together in the form of a box, and this combination adds to the narrative of my world. A world of surrealism, personification and playfulness.