Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Avery Angle 

BA [Hons] Animation

Hi! I am a Dublin-based artist with a love for background design, visual development, and bringing art to life through animation. I enjoy creating whimsical scenes that show my interest in the world around me, with a touch of added drama. Here I am showcasing some work from my film ‘The Small Makings of a Storm’, alongside my thesis that delves more into one of the main themes of my film – the sublime. To check out more of my work which showcases other films I have directed, background design, and personal work, make sure to look at my Behance!

The Small Makings of a Storm

This film follows a procession of water through its acts of metamorphosis in its life cycle. From the rising mists to billowing clouds, water weaves its way through every environment leaving an impression on even the smallest of creatures. Expanding to loftier heights, these drops of water begin to transform into something far more commanding – a force of nature.
While paying homage to the ‘Original Sublime’, being Nature, this film brings landscape to the leading forefront of the narrative.

Creating the Sublime; The Sublime Nature of Animated Landscape

My thesis explores the ever-expanding aesthetic of the Sublime, and how it can be created in animation. An emotional paradox of terror, admiration, and awe, the sublime drives the individual into a state of smallness with its overwhelming power. From examining the source of this aesthetic and its impact on the individual, to the design elements that encourage a sublime experience, followed by delving into the tumultuous elements of the sublime’s emotional core. I look to likes of Immanuel Kant, Edmund Burke, and Emily Brady, and their different takes on how the sublime aesthetic can form. Furthering that animation, though often overlooked for this aesthetic, provides the necessary requirements to promote a sublime experience, and it is through this that we connect with the film’s narrative. It builds an emotional connection in ways that traditional painting cannot, and ultimately provides a more immersive experience with the sublime. Inspiring artists, poets, and philosophers to take to their work to try and explain or reinterpret the unfathomable.