Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Bianca Cojocariu 

BA [Hons] Animation

A hardworking and passionate animator from County Dublin. I specialize in animation, character design and concept work and backgrounds. I deliver clean animation as well as unique characters and engaging compositions, I have gained valuable experience throughout the years by producing personal commissions, designs and engaging with my community. I particularly enjoy working with others as a team and collaborating on bigger projects. I obtained key skills while working on my own films and projects.

Mind's Eye

Memories from my childhood in Romania. I was influenced by memorable moments during my time growing up far away from Ireland. With a large focus on the backgrounds and simple animation to capture the beauty of the fauna and flora as I remember it. The framing used to mimic how one might see memories in small bursts, disconnected but connected.

Villains, Anti-Heroes and Audiences in Contemporary Television Animation

I explore the sympathetic reactions by the audience given to characters that are more morally grey. My Hero Academia is my main focus due to its wide range of villainous and anti-heroic personalities. Throughout my thesis I investigate possible reasons the audience may shift their opinions on certain characters through design, backstory and redemption arcs.