Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Chloe Kennedy 

BA [Hons] Art

Chloe Kennedy is an Irish born artist living in Dublin who works primarily with moving image and photography. Her works focus mainly on people’s perspectives of reality, how people can let their minds have an impact in manipulating reality. She has explored this process while working with short film clips, photography series, sound, spoken word and scene editing. She often displays photographic works alongside her photographs. She has taken part in IADT group shows such as New Translations at IMMA (2019) and the Propositions exhibition on the IADT Campus (2022).

Project Description

This project involves the exploration of an individual’s perspective of reality. I have focused a lot on the mind and how we process our thoughts. It is fascinating how the human mind can have the power to change perceptions, and experiences, of reality. For example, how we can get lost in our thoughts and lose the sense of what is real and what’s made up in our heads, our false reality. My work explores this topic and attempts to show how thoughts can be overpowering in both good and bad ways, how they can be too fast and how we can try to slow them down. I explore this process through film, short clips, photography, sound and sometimes spoken word. In some of my moving image projects, I use extensive editing techniques such as glitching effects and reverse loops to portray time and thought.

Catharsis as a form of inspiration for artists.

In my thesis for my final year of college i have discussed the use of catharsis in artists work. Over the years it has become very evident that many of the worlds strongest art works involve a deeper story. For example some of the most impactful artworks such as the iconic Scream by Edvard Munch have been based off of strong, deep emotions brought to a canvas.
These emotional expressions have been a source of release or coping for artists in both positive and negative lights. Cathartic art has been a huge factor in many artists' careers, much like in my own work.