Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Dawid Karczewski 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

Hi there, welcome on my onShow 2022 page. I am a Creative Computing graduate in IADT. Inventive, self-motivated, optimistic, and task-oriented professional with over four years of expertise in web design and development throughout my college years. With a track record of successfully recognising and meeting the technical requirements for the development of websites and apps via ingenious innovation. Proficient in database development, user interface design, user experience testing, code writing and testing, debugging simple/complex difficulties and adding new features in response to user requirements. This page represents my final year project called Decryptio Exchange.

The purpouse of Decryptio Exchange web application

In this final year project in Computer Science at IADT Dun Laoighre, the goal of this online application is to provide a genuine cryptocurrency trading experience simulation in a safe and secure environment. Decryptio Exchange aspires to provide users with a realistic and risk-free trading environment that is synchronised to the most recent exchange rates in order to facilitate their participation in the market. Users will get their first start-up funding in the amount of 10,000 US dollars immediately upon completing registration. From there, you are free to make investments in our supported cryptocurrencies by selling or purchasing at your convenience at any point in the future. In order to make strategic selections, the individual trading charts and exchange history must be considered. Before spending a single penny of real money on a real-world strategy, you may obtain valuable information and experience by practising with Decryptios simulations first.

Decryptio Exchange – Data Analytics and Visualization of Cryptocurrency for Trading Simulator

This thesis document comprises cryptocurrency research to determine how it may be utilised for data analysis and data visualisation in order to obtain sufficient information to create a cryptocurrency trading simulator. Hearing about others lacking the knowledge and abilities to join the cryptocurrency market industry and begin trading sparked the idea for this project. The study has addressed what cryptocurrency is and how it may be used, blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency market, data analytics, enhancing security and privacy, data analysis for prediction, and artificial intelligence that could be applied to cryptocurrency. This provided a short overview of where to begin and what should and should not be added to the application, allowing users to engage with the features and functions quickly and efficiently. The application seeks to bridge the gap between beginner cryptocurrency traders and seasoned professionals. The programme provides the user with fictitious assets so that he may practise various trading strategies and learn about new algorithms that may be used in order to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The greatest part is that the experience is completely risk-free, and consumers will not lose a cent if anything goes wrong.