Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Fionn Kinne-Coyle 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

I have been dedicated to music from an early age, attending piano and drum lessons as a child. My passion for music grew when I found electronic music production. Since 2013 I have been releasing music under my own name on various labels. I love to be involved in the music scene - I DJ, play live shows and ran a music collective for over 2 years, called Colours. I am currently co-running a new label called Reasons to Dance and I also have experience working on audio jobs, including sound design projects, SFX for animation, websites and audio book editing.

Project Description

This project examined how the UK Dance Music scene has been influenced and formed by its unique multicultural roots. The project identified these cultural musical influences through analysis of literature exploring the development of music in the UK, as well as analysing the work of a leading UK Label and eight contemporary UK artists.

Project Objectives

The aim of the project was to create an EP of new contemporary UK dance style music.

The methodology used to achieve this involved identifying the major cultural musical influences in UK dance style music through both the literature review and an analysis of 14 tracks by eight contemporary, UK based artists and one innovative UK label, Livity Sound.

These major cultural musical influences were then used as the basis for experiments which blended traditional methods of production with new production methods to create and express the influences that are entwined in the modern soundsystem culture of today’s UK dance music scene.

The major cultural influences selected were then the subject of experimentation aimed at achieving across the tracks specific objectives including replicating an instrumental sound using different instruments; experimenting with the use of unusual instruments in keeping with a specific cultural influence; experimenting with a variety of rhythms; replicating a specific timbre; using and manipulating scales; using a variety of effects; experimenting with time signature; changing chordal to create a specific melodic impact; layering instruments and rhythms to create texture and producing a specific sonic expression of feeling to reflect the original tracks.

Project Outcomes

In this project a compilation of 6 Tracks were produced involving experimentation using important culturally influenced elements and techniques from the analysis of the Livity Sound Label output and 14 tracks from eight artists: TSVI, DJ Polo & Tribal Brothers (Collaboration via Livity Sound), Mura Masa, Jamie xx and Four Tet.
The 6 tracks produced are entitled Jewelled, Slip, Stutter ft. Bazi, Pamp, Taxi Home ft. Ailish and Marble which were created with the aim of developing new contemporary UK dance music style tracks.

Thesis Title

The Impact of Multiculturalism on the Development of the UK’s Dance Music Scene