Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Luke Maguire 

BA [Hons] Photography

Luke Maguire is a Photography student in their 4th and final year at IADT. His work has evolved over those years to culminate into a practice which has a mixed media approach and uses the photograph as a narrative tool. They also make use of tropes prevalent in various media to satirise or to cast a light on aspects of our contemporary society.

The Inquisitive Eye

‘The Inquisitive Eye’ is a self-portrait with no self-portraits, posing the question how can we know a person in their absence? This project also seeks to bring to light the nature of parasocial relationships in these contemporary times with the use of social media. The concept of obsessing over a person who may not even know you exist by looking through their photographs. ‘The Inquisitive Eye’ does this through using the trappings of the private investigator’s office made famous by the film noir sub-genre by highlighting the similarities and all-consuming nature of both. This project encapsulates the last 4 years of the artist’s life in IADT by reflecting on the places and people he’s met during this time, as well as the use of darkroom prints which is how it all started… (With thanks to Jennifer O' Dowd for the installation photographs)