Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Nicolaas Walle 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

I am a multi-instrumental musician, composer and producer with an entrepreneurial spirit. As well as playing electric guitar and bass, I am very interested in the worlds of synthesis, mixing and mastering and the business of both recorded and live music. I have a particular passion for creating original sounds and the blending of genres, my favourites being progressive rock, jazz and blues.

Strange Time Strange Place (Recorded Album)

This project follows the independent creation, release and promotion of a 10-track studio album featuring several talented vocalists as well as my own instrumentation, composition and production. It involves elements of composition, performance, recording, mixing, mastering, distribution and promotion as well as dealing with a PR company, graphic designer and CD manufacturer. The genre of music falls intentionally between the niche of 70s progressive rock and more accessible modern alt-pop.

A Practical Study Of The Process Of Creating, Releasing And Promoting A Music Album On Physical And Digital Formats

The thesis details the methods used to create, release and promote the album and the reasoning behind the methods used, as well as examining their successes and failings and extrapolating potential improvements to the methods used. It provides an insight into the necessary work and thought that is required for a successful album release.