Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Rachel O’Shea 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Rachel O’Shea is a writer, artist and filmmaker. They began to make films at a very young age and dreamed of getting the opportunity to study film production and writing. Rachael's writing is diverse with a focus on the themes of nostalgia, ephemera, and trinkets of everyday life that are often overlooked. Rachel is interested in the human connection alongside the absence of it. Their work seeks to encourage individuals to look differently at every single iteration of themselves. Rachel's work stems from the type of intimacy that can only be sparked through consuming curiosity, embracing the kind of fearlessness that we all associate with innocence and vulnerability.

To Know You

'To Know You' follows three sisters, separated and adopted at birth, now older and grown trying to find a sense of belonging in life and relearn their place in the world, hand in hand together. While a warm and tender sisterly connection begins to blossom so too ensues a raging storm of intense love, bittersweet remembering and bad news. The three sisters are forced to risk it all for fear of losing each other in a matter of seconds after years of searching for one another. This is a story about two generations of sisters, the bonds that make and break those human connections, this is a story about sisterhood.