Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Robert Farrell 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

I have enjoyed my time at IADT and learned new skills. I have an interest in miniature models and prop making for films. I hope to further my career in model making and experience other aspects of the industry. My final project is of the Mary McAleese Boyne Valley Bridge because I love the design of the cable stay bridge. I have always had an interest in buildings and architecture, from modern buildings to bridges. I have had a lot of practice with wood and resin, I have also learned digital software but I prefer to be hands on doing physical work.

Representation of Mary McAleese Boyne Valley Bridge

My project is a Mahogany miniature cable stayed bridge. The bridge is mounted on different levels of Epoxy Resin mixed with little stones, sand, colour sand and epoxy colour resin. There are six levels of resin representing The Bedrock, the first level. Voided Limestone the second level. Clay/Trill the third level. Sand the Fourth Level. The Yellow Island the Fifth Level and The Boyne river the sixth level. There is an information Board on the back of the project to give information on the location of the bridge. Information on the Boyne Valley, how the bridge was constructed. It was named after former President Mary McAleese and why.

History of election posters in Ireland, Election posters in Nice Referendum, Election posters in the Marriage Equality Referendum

This thesis will examine referendum poster politics and whether people take any notice of
them. Do people make a decision when looking at the posters’ image and text? This thesis
is about election posters in the Nice Treaty and The Marriage Equality referendum, in the
context of the history of posters in Ireland. It goes over propaganda posters used in World
War 1 to World War 2 and propaganda posters in Ireland. It looks at and analyses 3
referendum posters for the Yes campaign for the Nice Treaty in 2001 -2002and analyses 3
posters from the No campaign. It looks at much money was spent on the No campaign and
how much was spent on the Yes campaign and again in the second Nice referendum, is this
good or bad? The Marriage Equality was for gay/lesbian couples to get married and have
the same rights as straight couples. This thesis will look at and analyse 3 posters for the Yes
campaign and look at 3 No posters, analyse from the No campaign. Yes posters are more
inclusive and have different people of colour, compared to the No posters which had just
white people on their posters and were negative. Has Ireland become more progressive on
LGBTQ rights and women’s rights like abortion by being in the EU and being in with more
progressive countries? Does the Catholic Church still have any control over the country or
do people just want rights for people even if it goes against the church? If Ireland has
changed, now that Ireland recognises LGBTQ people, and they are not leaving Ireland to
more progressive countries, which makes Ireland more inclusive and positive