Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Campbell Gibson 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Campbell Gibson is a Dublin based film editor, majoring in editing and minoring in television production at The National Film School at IADT. Campbell's passion lies in capturing the essence of realism in his work, as evident in the two graduation films he worked on, both featured in the On Show Exhibition. He is planning to expand his creative storytelling repertoire and delve deeper into music video and more experimental work. Campbell is also directing his debut short film Rude Boys in May 2023. Campbell is currently available for work, CV available upon request.

We're Blood & Vixen

As a part of Campbell's degree piece he edited two of the graduation films that are being exhibited.

We're Blood is a short film written and directed by Andy Sherlow. When Tommy's older brother JJ is accused of sexual assault, Tommy must choose between his morality and the most important person in his life.

Vixen is a short film written and directed by Tadhg McDonogh Cunningham. Over the course of a day, Nuria watches as her boyfriend, Calvin, drifts away from her.

Editors - Crafter or Artist? An Investigation of the Artistic Integrity of an Editor

This dissertation will analyse the research into the history of editing, exploring the process from its humble beginnings in the 1890s to its present day status. It explores the history from the creation of cinema, up to one of the most critically acclaimed films of the past generation, while asking the question: Is editing a craft or an art? I will be comparing the different approaches to editing from invisible cutting to artistic montage and how they still have relevance in todays industry. It will also examine the world of the revolutionary use of storyboards in the film industry and how they can benefit or hinder the creativity of an editor. Subsequently from this, there will be a case study on Parasite. Investigating the relationship of Bong Joon-Ho and his editor Jimno Yang, looking at how their relationship works and how Jimno Yang deals with the meticulous storyboarding from Joon-Ho.