Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Chlöe Fitzgerald 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

Hi there! My name is Chlöe Fitzgerald, I'm a Galway native now living in Dublin for the past four years. Having spent much of my childhood involved in classical music training, choir and orchestras, my desire to incorporate this passion with a practical approach to music production lead me to Creative Music Production in IADT. The Practice Pathway allowed me to expand my vocal performance skills, while also introducing me to the world of production in the amazing studios. Going on in the future, I want to continue composing and arrangement, collaborating with other creatives and also continuing to incorporate production and mixing in my professional career.

The Lavender Trilogy; "Lavender", "Thistle" and "Poppy Seed"

The project began as a heavily collaborative endeavour. Composing with the aid of musicians who understand their own instrument influenced the project, and subsequently affected the composition of the tracks they were not involved in, tracks two and three. Once the recording concluded, the project became a solitary body of work. Composing tracks two and three in a traditional setting allowed the music to be more ambitious, without the restrictions that having any one musician may, or may not, impose.

The Lavender Trilogy: Composing for Unfamiliar Instruments

The subject of the research is composing for unfamiliar instruments, contextualised in the genre of jazz. The aim of the project is to gain an insight into traditional forms of notation, research characteristics of the jazz genre, analyse the trombone, piano and flute, and compose for their individual strengths. This analysis includes their frequency range, note range, and also factoring in any potential human capabilities which may hinder, or accentuate, the compositional process. This is an ambitious, content heavy project primarily focused on composition. The finished project is one fully composed, recorded, mixed and mastered piece, and two full scored arrangements.

Track one, ‘Lavender’ displays the collaboration process which is less common for a traditional composer. ‘Thistle’ and ‘Poppy Seed’, tracks two and three, convey the findings taken from the participants in ‘Lavender’, informing them and applying them to notation.