Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Clemente Gonzales 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

My name is Clemente. I'm a Creative Computing student with a passion for UX/UI, Web, API, and Software Development. I have a passion for creative problem solving and development, keeping an open mind when tacking these challenges. As a result, I am eager to learn new programming languages and ways to problem solve, and improve my skillset as a developer. I work well alongside others or on my own to produce a quality end product.

Project Description

This final project explores how to develop an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system in the web. It uses the MERN Stack and attempts to understand how OCR can be developed for a web application. The aim of the project was to allow users to take notes from pen and paper and transfer it to a web-application, with the use of technologies such as Tesseract OCR, to read the image with text, and transfer it to the web application. The project was also designed to be visually appealing and simple to use, for greater accessibility purposes, and allow for an ease of navigation throughout the website.

Development of an OCR Web Application with Tesseract.js and MERN

The primary aim of this thesis was to design and create a research project that investigated OCR technologies and develop a working web application with these features in mind. It explores different technologies that uses OCR such as Tesseract OCR and explores it's capabilities and accuracies when compared to other software. The goal of the final application was to create a notes-taking app with OCR functionalities to provide several methods for a user to take notes. The final application was developed using the MERN Stack, Quill.js, and Tesseract OCR being the primary technologies used to develop the application.