Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jack Leach 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Jack Leach a creative multimedia producer from Dublin. He is a Film and Television graduate from IADT specialising in Production with a minor in Television Production. He has hands-on experience in short films, documentaries and live television broadcasting ranging from pre-production to post-production processes. Jack is adept in managing budgets, finances, schedules, and logistics for productions of varying sizes. Jack is interested in producing compelling creative fiction stories across genres.

Final Year Overview: Producing Major

Jack majored in Producing in his final year, finishing his degree with two short films, With Love From Aidan and End of The World Tour, both with varying themes and messages as well as two directors who have their own unique style. Working with another director who has a unique style was something Jack wanted to explore as he had previously only produced for Aisha before due to missing out on opportunities because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout his final year while producing two graduate films Jack was able to expand his skill set in both creative and technical aspects. From developing scripts, managing budgets, finances and accounts, schedules, and logistics for each production which varied in size. On top of this jack acted as a leader for the crew and cast throughout the production as well as on set for each film. Jack was determined to expand his technical skills as well in television broadcasting by operating as a vision mixer for various talks put on by IADT and the Creative Futures Academy as well as Kelly Lane's graduate television show, UPSTYLE.

The Critique of the Foundations and Culture of American Society Through the Works of Mike Flanagan

This thesis is an exploration of the horror genre and investigates how it can be used for more than just entertainment. The horror genre has often been dismissed as mere entertainment, a way to evoke fear and excitement from audiences. However, the genre can be much more than that.
It can serve as a powerful tool for exploring and critiquing ourselves as a society. Horror gives us the means to explore ourselves by examining our fears. Horror can also be used to explore societal fears and anxieties, by doing so, horror can highlight some of the underlying issues that affect our society.