Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Sarah Hoffman 

BA [Hons] Art

I have worked with yarn and crocheting techniques for years and through my practice I am determined to use these traditional materials and craft techniques in a fashion that will find a context within contemporary art. I have been researching the history of craft techniques such as the granny squares, and use original patterns from the 1800s using books like ‘The Art of Crocheting’ published in 1891. Themes in my work include woman's rights neglect, particularly in medicine and childbirth. I mainly work through textiles and materials such as yarn, thread, and string, I display my work uniquely in attempt to encourage textile craft art to be respected more in the art world

Project Description

The art of crochet has been passed down through generations in my family. In my work, I want to bring attention to the dismissal of women's craft in art and the skill involved. Looking into the history of crochet, I discovered the origin of granny squares came from 1800’s Victorian times, They were a way for grandmothers to be involved in the birth of a child. Granny square blankets were a gift for the baby, even after miscarriages, Victorian childbirth had a high mortality rate due to the neglect by male doctors and instruments used. In this project I use skills in women's crafts using my great-grandmother's crochet hook with the theme of the neglect women suffered for years, focusing on the illustration of the tortuous presenting instruments used. I have been focusing on my presentation and framing of my work with long nails to bring my work away from being hung like traditional tapestries and more displayed like a work of art.

From Creativity to Execution: Understanding the importance of process in art

In my Thesis, I discuss the topic of understanding the importance of process in art. I look at the process in art from the creative to the execution. I focus on the various processes of different artists and how it impacts their work. I chose this topic as it is an interest within my own art practice and an interest I have when studying other artists' works.
The process has always been an essential factor in art, it has always been there however it hasn't been studied or appreciated until quite recently.