Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Alanna Søpler 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

Hey, my name is Alanna! I am a final-year Creative Computing student. I have a particular interest in API development and Data visualisation. During my time at IADT, I worked on various projects, ranging from designing web APIs to making 3D games in Unity. As much as I loved working on each project, I discovered my interest lies in data handling and manipulation! This is why my final year project revolved around the simulation of traffic and road generation.

Project Description

My local neighbourhood inspired me to create the traffic simulation. Crossing a heavily trafficked road locally that safely leads out of the neighbourhood is challenging. We are rather enclosed, surrounded by fencing and a river, which gives us few options for getting out of the neighbourhood. The purpose of this project was to simulate the road network and show where the issues may arise, but also make it possible for people in the same situation to visualise their roads to promote change.

Traffic Simulation

In my thesis, I investigate methods for creating and visualise traffic simulations to enable people to develop their own local traffic simulations. My research involves building a prototype using Unity to visualize the simulation and SUMO Traffic Simulator to handle the simulation logic. The simulation was tested on my local network, specifically a sample piece of the Dundrum network, it became evident that the placement of traffic lights near junctions contributes to most of the bottlenecks when traffic starts to build up. This indicates a need to reconsider the proximity of where traffic lights should be placed.