Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Andrea Parra 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hola! I'm Andrea, I'm a Venezuelan-Spanish designer with a passion for brand identity, illustration and motion. My work is driven by what inspires me and I believe design will always have a reason and purpose to make people’s lives better. I'm drawn to projects that combine conceptual thinking with socially meaningful topics. Playfulness underpinned by strategy and creative problem-solving are key to both my design process and approach. I'm looking forward to showcase my work alongside my classmates and the opportunities that await us ahead !

Nora. Own your mind every cycle

The impact of the menstrual cycle on ADHD is routinely dismissed and treated inadequately. Symptoms are mostly internal, non-disruptive and fluctuating. One of the reasons for this is the misunderstanding of how hormones and ADHD interact. When estrogen dips the week before menstruation, so does dopamine. This in turn leads to the intensification of ADHD symptoms.

Nora is a tracker app designed to help people with ADHD monitor their symptoms according to their hormonal phases. Using Dr. Brown's model of ADHD symptomatology, Nora identifies and analyses patterns to predict behaviours and feelings. This way, users can better understand how their mind is connected to their body to encourage clarity, self-acceptance and better choices.

Nora's website is available for users to learn more about ADHD and menstruation — from professional articles to personal stories. The goal of the platform is to offer reliable, suitabe-for-all-stages resources on how to best manage the impact of ADHD on menstruation and vice versa.

Upgrade Available: How Domestic Sci-Fi Reflects Technology’s Potential To Augment and Streamline Human Experiences

In my thesis I explored domestic sci-fi as a creatively compelling TV genre that portrays the complexity of technology’s influence on the human experience. Through the analysis of Severance and Black Mirror, I argue that this genre functions as a speculative critique of technology streamlining everyday experiences. In doing so, they visually and thematically question the authenticity of personal desires, interpersonal codes of conduct, and perceptions of others.