Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Blaíthín Ring 

BA [Hons] Art

Blaíthín Ring is an Irish artist interested in glass as a medium for sculpture. Drawing on literature and philosophy she explores the incongruity and duality experience of being. Her work is, for all the oxy-morons in the world, encouraging the viewer to participate in the work by taking pause, and self reflecting. She has previously worked in stained glass and glass slumping, with a particular interest in glass casting. She enjoys working with the transient nature of glass, it can be a barrier, yet transparent material.

Project Description

This project relies heavily on the viewers interaction with the work. As mirrors are a prominent feature, to look at the work the viewer must also look at themselves creating a forced self portrait. By doing this alongside glass clown masks the viewer is confronted with not only themselves but also the clown version of themselves.
The use of clown-imagery as allegory for the role we ourselves play in society is the crux of this project. The projected version of ourselves we send out into society is akin to the makeup of the clown, it acts as a veil between the performer and the performance.
The use of glass is integral to this project. In the process of glass casting the glass is broken apart and crushed to then be fused back together in the kiln. The moulds used in glass casting are single use, once fired they cannot be reused.