Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Madison Pitout 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

I am originally from South Africa but grew up most of my life in the countryside of Tipperary. I was always artsy as a kid but found my love for sculpture later on which then developed into a passion for all things modelmaking. My favourite work would be anything that has ties to anatomy such as the props I have created within my project. I have worked already in set fabrication, and love the atmosphere of working on set. I hope to work in areas such as these and look forward to my artistic future after college.

The Witches Cauldron

The Witches Cauldron is a project that showcases an array of different skills when it comes to prop making. I really wanted to challenge myself to grow as much as I could in my final year. From sculpting to life casting, working with silicones and resins, molding/casting, woodwork for table making and finally the set-up of functioning mechanisms for these props, I have learned so much. My love for all things spooky has made this project so much fun and I am so happy with all I have achieved.
I created things as realistically as I could to help the viewer imagine themselves within a world where witches cauldrons exist, and these witches hunt down humans for potion parts. My hope was to make the viewer of the piece frightened and on edge from the horrible things taking place.

Eco art helps us connect with our environment and develop an understanding of the climate crisis.

My thesis explores the argument that Eco art helps us connect with our environment and develop an understanding of the climate crisis. It explores the intersection of environmental consciousness and artistic expression, focusing on the genre of Eco art. The research delves into the historical evolution, different themes and the potential of Eco Art. Briefly examining its history, the thesis highlights how artists, collaborating with experts from diverse disciplines, aim to benefit the environment through their works.
The study delves into the promising effects of Eco Art, showcasing exemplary works such as Patricia Johanson's transformative restoration of Fair Park Lagoon and Agnes Denes' visionary "Tree Mountain." Through these works, the study also emphasizes the artists' commitment to not only raising awareness but actively participating in ecological rehabilitation. By restoring environments and creating sustainable spaces, Eco Art not only engages individuals but also communities, fostering a sense of responsibility, belonging, and interconnectedness. The artist's role extends beyond creating aesthetically pleasing pieces, instead they become an inspiration for people to take steps towards positive ecological change.