Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Mateusz Bukowski 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

I'm an electronic producer and DJ from Galway. I've been producing my own music for about seven years ranging from hip-hop to dubstep. Throughout the course, I've enjoyed learning about all aspects involved in the field, from sound design to mixing and mastering, both for music and video work. I look forward to further improving my skills and getting involved in the industry!

Does Vocal Discernability Affect Enjoyment of a Song Among Experimental Hip-Hop Fans?

The aim of this project was to examine different approaches to vocal mixing and find out which approach appeals most to fans of experimental hip-hop. Two tracks, Pegasus and Turbine, which already existed in a demo stage, were recorded in collaboration with experimental hip-hop artist SVHymns; then three vocal mixes were made of each song.

Different amounts of emphasis were placed on the discernability of vocals and clarity of lyrics depending on the mix, from most to least. A blind listening test was then made and carried out on a group of fans of the genre, where they listened back to the mixes and answered questions on both the mixes and on the genre as a whole.

Project Outcomes

The project provided a great insight into the mixing process as a whole and mixing preferences among experimental hip-hop fans and the factors which can affect these preferences. The majority of listeners preferred a less effects-heavy, discernible vocal mix on a densely arranged track (Pegasus), and a less discernible mix on a more sparsely arranged track (Turbine).