Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Róisín Mc Grath 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Roisin is a visual storyteller and image-maker from Cork. With a keen eye for art direction and a passion for speculative design they produce powerful visuals, making a deep impression. Their work is not just about aesthetics but about driving social change and making a difference. Committed to design for good, they thrive in collaborative environments, seeking to inspire and be inspired by a community of like-minded designers. Roisin is dedicated to honing their skills and exploring playful design avenues to create meaningful impact and foster positive change.

Meatify — Raw Beauty

Meatify is a speculative design project aimed at highlighting the deceptive practices of the cosmetic industry — while also shining a light on the ridiculous lengths people will go to change their appearance. The idea stemmed from a stat stating that girls view over 500 ads a day, telling them how they should look. Raw meat was used to show people how convincing the industry can be — by putting a horrific thing in a "beautiful" setting, while contrasted with soft feminine tones. Meatify takes the byproducts from the meat industry and extracts the animal fat to create a natural filler to enhance the face and body.

Thesis Title: Embracing Eire

The resurgence of Celtic imagery in Irish design reflects a yearning among young people to connect with their country's history and culture. Designers purposefully employ these symbols to evoke a sense of community. Originating from the Celtic Revival, these symbols now serve as a continuation of efforts to establish a national identity, evolving into a branding strategy for Irish industry and tourism. This reflects a longing for a romanticized past amidst globalization. When designers incorporate Celtic iconography, they contribute to these ongoing projects, knowingly or unknowingly.