Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Shaena Trotman 

MA 3D Animation

Originally from Toronto, Shaena Trotman currently works as the 3D animation lead at Shifty Eye Games based in Calgary, Alberta. Her role within a small, diverse team of animators, programmers, 3D artists and level designers has enriched her with extensive collaborative experience and opportunities to employ innovative tools that boost productivity and expand creative boundaries. With four years in the creative industry, she combines a meticulous attention to detail and a positive outlook in her thesis, which delves into the ethical considerations and practical applications of emerging AI technologies, specifically of generative AI tools.

Navigating Generative AI: Ethical Considerations and Productivity Opportunities in the Creative Industry

My project leverages my expertise as a creative practitioner to explore the potential benefits of AI technologies, with a focus on generative AI tools, in the creative industry. This exploration aims to transform creative workflows while adhering to essential ethical frameworks that assess the integration readiness of these tools. To support this exploration, I conducted a creative examination of three distinct generative AI tools: DALL-E 3, Adobe Firefly, and Midjourney, within a structured framework informed by UNESCO's ethical principles and my professional insights. This evaluation seeks to determine the ethical viability and the potential to enhance production pipelines, specifically within the context of North American standards and geographical considerations.