Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Sorcha Carrigan 

Design for Stage + Screen

Hi my name is Sorcha I am a Character Make Up design student from IADT. I have long loved art and design and have spent the last few years studying different aspects of Character Make Up. I have worked on a range of projects that include designing and creating, using variety of skills in make up including prosthetic making, special effects, theatrical make up and more. I hope going into the industry to learn more on prosthetic making and are ready and excitied to develop my skills further within the industry.

The Story of Hel and Baldr

My project is based around Norse Mythological Gods. I found a short story that desribes Hel the goddess of Death and Baldr the god of love. In this story I describe a version where Baldr falls in love with a woman on Midgard (earth) whom rejects him. He dies and in his transition into death falls in love with Hel, the goddess of the underworld other known as Neilfheim. Histoorically Hel is desrcibed as half burnt and half beauitful, I wanted to change around the concept of traditional burnt and create a volcanic look that represents the bottom of the realm where her world lies. I also wanted to show a transitional change visually where we see Baldr slowly die. This is shown through the golden parts that shine through him as the god of light slowly corrode as he enters Neilfheim and accepts his death and place in Neilfheim.

Beyond the Screen: A Critical Examination of Animal Representation and Welfare in Film and Television

This thesis discusses issues surrounding animal welfare in the entertainment industry and questions how through the years there has been continuous abuse and exploitation within this industry. Specifically looking at the film industry and how it reflects animal welfare concerns since the motion picture began. The thesis examined films and compared documentaries that portray horses, chimps, tigers, and orca whales and showcases different types of exploitation of animals on and off the screen and their environmental concerns in captivity.