Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Alexander Cokyna 

BA [Hons] Art

Alexander is a visual artist residing in Dublin. His work practice spans a range of mediums, including graphite, charcoal, ink pens and combining charcoal and graphite together on paper. Alexander is passionate about portraiture, realism, daily life drawings, line drawings and cartoon styled art. His work generally revolves around portraiture and human figures. In his current body of work, titled HuMAn EsSeNCE, he explores the essence of the human soul. Alexander has previously exhibited his work in the IADT student show in Pallas Projects (2024) In the making 2: Navel.

''HuMAn EsSeNCe''

The theme that I have chosen to focus on is the HuMAn EsSeNCe. I have specifically chosen to create portraits of my friends. In my works, I try to capture their essence through materials, layout, shading and also through the cooperation of my friends. I allowed my friends to choose their own image, what they think best describes them and their characters/soul. I wanted my works to have a sentimental value to my friends and me. I wanted HuMAn EsSeNCe to be captured through graphite and charcoal on paper to give it an old or rather a Polaroid feel to them, so that they can represent a memory or their soul. In my works I wanted to capture each persons own uniqueness ranging from poses, the clothes that they are wearing and the background.