Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Kyle O Neill 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

I am an aspiring house music producer from Dublin and I wanted to create house music with unique vocals.

4 Track House Music EP with Original Vocals

This project is the result of a creative and collaborative effort with a vocalist recording live vocals in a studio for a house music EP, the EP features 4 house music tracks with a female vocal lead. The EP has a fun and summery feeling which can be seen through the artwork.
Many stages were completed to reach the end result for this project; stages like Lyric Writing, Pre-Production, Composition, Vocal Editing and Music Production were all crucial in creating the finished product of the EP; Alison Jones featured as the vocalist on this EP. The project explored how vocals are produced in the house music genre taking into account multiple production factors, and this EP is the result of that exploration and analysis and the result of artistic inspiration and creativity.

The processes utilized to record and produce original vocals for Dance Music

In the music charts of today, commercially successful entries in the dance music genre almost always feature the human voice with a male or female vocal lead. These successful songs are the culmination of large studio projects in tandem with a vocalist, but these successful songs are not always original, and many are reworks and covers of already famous songs of the past. The goal of this project was to completely create and record original vocals for a 4 track dance music EP with a female lead to gain an understanding of how vocals work in the genre. Many successful songs were methodically analysed, providing detailed insights into how dance music producers have utilised vocals in the music charts. The EP was reviewed by a renowned vocal dance music producer who applauded the use of coherent vocal structures and memorable vocal hooks. The project serves as an all-encompassing guide for any dance music producers who are looking to take the road less travelled and create and record original vocals in a studio that is unique to them.