Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Interaction + User Experience Design 



Our BA [Hons] Interaction + User Experience Design graduates use imagination and creativity combined with valuable design skills to make beautiful, easy-to-use products, services and spaces where people can explore, interact and play with information, media and technology.

Interaction + User Experience Design (IUXD) focuses on designing the things we interact with and the spaces/places or contexts in which we do so. Every day, we use many objects and services (real and virtual) for a variety of purposes – to find out the weather, check train times, talk/play with friends, select a movie, order food, buy a book, etc. All of these experiences involve interactive visual design and digital technology, and how well they are designed affects the quality of our experience with them. This course focuses on human-centred inclusive and universal design ensuring we benefit from good user experiences.

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