Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Andrew McCarthy 

MSc Cyberpsychology

I am working in the IT industry and have been always fascinated by the human factor in relation to the digital world. This drew me to this Masters.

Project Description

The research aimed to determine the role of age in people’s susceptibility to cybercrime and to investigate what role do the personality traits of conscientiousness and agreeableness and the persons digital self-efficacy (DSE) play.

Susceptibility to cybercrime and the relationship to age, personality, and digital self-efficacy

Susceptibility to cybercrime had been researched previously looking at age and personality and age and DSE but not all factors together. The current research used questionnaires that other researchers used for cybercrime susceptibility (HAIS-Q, Parsons et al., 2017) and the BFI-44 for personality (John et al., 1991, John et al., 2008). This research used a more up to date DSE (Ulfert-Blank & Schmidt, 2022) that had not been used in previous research. There were 104 participants gathered through online questionnaires. The results showed that the younger generation were more susceptible to cybercrime, the results highlighted that younger people were more vulnerable and this supported previous research. No relationship was found between susceptibility and personality. There was also no relationship found between susceptibility and DSE.