Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Eilis McLoughlin 

BA [Hons] Art

Eilis McLoughlin is a Kildare based artist. She has developed an interest in learning about the materiality of paint through the means of abstraction. Eilis’ work explores the theme of human emotion, combining gestural movement with text. She explores this theme by creating large scale paintings, whilst experimenting with abstraction. She often uses a window cleaning squeegee rather than a brush in the application of paint. Her process also involves incorporating textual elements developed through her practice of journaling. She participated in the group shows Memories exist outside of time, DIVA, Dun Laoghaire (2022) and In the making:Spleen at Pallas projects (2024)

Project Description

Over the last period of time, I explored further the relationship between abstraction and text, as well as shape. This was explored through producing large paintings that play with shape, and also smaller scale thumbnails paintings, that are more experimental. The practice of journaling was a core part of producing these pieces, creating a series of journal entries and using segments of them to emphasise the personal side of each piece. The use of colour is planned out to reflect the emotions felt when the text for each painting was being written. Each of the paintings are numerically titled starting with untitled and then following with a number, e.g. “Untitled 2.2”. This entices the viewer even more to form their own interpretation of the work. I experiment with the shape of the canvas and often use non-traditional shapes such as equilateral triangles and rhombuses. My aim is to explore human emotion through the means of abstraction.

The importance of light within art and how it is utilised, specifically painting and sculpture

The main area of research for my thesis is the importance and utilisation of light within art. Covering two areas, those being painting and sculpture. How do artists show an understanding of light? The effects of light on how viewers perceive pieces like this and others alike. The natural progression of light within these two areas as well. This research and investigation was done by discussing each area in a chapter dedicated to each, in reference to five artists and going into detail about two pieces for each artist. This allowed me to go into detail about the way in which artist incorporates light. This investigation was also backed up by established theories. By the end of this thesis the outcome was that the reader will form a better understanding of light within art, typically it is not a large focus when discussing art, however my thesis highlighted its importance.