Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jane Prendergast 

BA [Hons] Art

Jane Prendergast is a Wexford based Irish artist whose focus is spotlighting the mundane. She has always harboured an interest in transforming, reducing, and investigating lines, shapes and colours of unassuming objects and everyday scenarios. Prendergast finds inspiration in found objects, people from her personal life and complete strangers. Her work aims to create interest and intrigue around subjects or moments of shared time that would otherwise be overlooked. Her work has been exhibited the Dublin and Wexford area such as the Wexford Art Centre (2024) in the IADT show In the Making: Navel at Pallas Projects/Studios (2024).

Project Description

In my work, I aim to disassemble and rebuild candid fleeting moments from the everyday. Working from photographs I have taken throughout my day-to-day, my work manifests moments shared between people, often involving the viewer in the scene before them. I build up washes of acrylic paint to give certain tones of warmth to the final piece, allowing the wood grain to add to the final image without distracting from the simple lines of the figures. I use pencil and ink to create authoritative lines, in my drawings as well as my paintings, that aid in encapsulating the hold that shared time can have. This concept and project mean a great deal to me because it shows small kindnesses, connection, intimacy, and shared laughs which become increasingly important as we, as a society, grow farther from tribe and fire.

Thesis TitleThe Representation of Women through Female Characters, within the Evolving Industries of Visual Media

For decades video games and film have played a hand in the misrepresentation of women through the depiction of female characters and roles played by them that we see on our screens. Character designs of women and the depth of their character has often fallen short in comparison to their male counterparts. The old and notorious tale of the traditionally attractive, high value but physically weak Princess in desperate need of rescue by a handsome and brave Prince springs to mind, but is there still a place for those stories in the future or even the present? Does visual media play an influential role in women’s behaviours based on the behaviours and design of the characters that represent them? The design for female characters, such as their clothes or lack of clothes, their hair, body proportions and overall beauty is largely what makes these characters valuable or worth caring about to the player or viewer, however that is not necessarily the case for male characters. This has been linked to negative effects, such as lowering body confidence and perceived self-worth. This thesis discusses the various ways, throughout multiple films, and video games, where women are underestimated, hyper-sexualized, objectified or misrepresented through female characters in visual media and explore the weaker roles traditionally placed upon women as well as the design choices made for said characters.