Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire




The MSc in Cyberpsychology provides graduates with an in-depth understanding of how humans interact with technology and in online environments.

Our graduates have explored a wide range of topics including critical research methods, UX design, the psychology of gaming and multimedia entertainment, computer-mediated communication, social psychology, online persuasion and cybersecurity, and virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

The culmination of the programme is a research project driven by graduates’ area of interest, presented here on the On Show website. This project utilises the wide range of knowledge and skills developed throughout the programme, and the projects cover a diverse array of topics, from existential HCI, to cybersecurity, to trust in AI processes.

Our graduates come to us from a variety of backgrounds and global locations and have found employment in equally diverse fields. Whether that is with tech companies, as founders, as usability experts, online investigation and cybersecurity specialists, or in online marketing and consumer behaviour. Others have improved their performance in their current employment as journalists, marketing specialists, educators or IT professionals.

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