Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Production Design 



Production Designers work in a wide range of media and contexts to create the worlds and spaces of contemporary drama.

Whether reinventing familiar texts or identifying new narrative concepts they show themselves capable of the challenging conceptual thinking, careful technical specification and the practical "can do " approach essential to designing for stage and screen.

Building on four years of concentrated design practice in real world and speculative contexts this year’s graduates have each created a distinctive personal approach, turning extraordinary ideas into practical realties either for the camera or live environments.

Their practical experience of complex collaborations with other National Film School programmes, The Royal Irish Academy of Music and many others has further equipped them well for the careers they now embark on.

We wish them well as they join our many other graduates working nationally and internationally in film, television, theatre and a range of associated areas.

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BA [Hons]