Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Eugene McAteer 

BA [Hons] Art

Eugene McAteer is a moving image artist whose work encompasses video, and audio. Delving into themes such as sensory reactivity, isolation and interconnection, he employs surreal and abstract visualizations through video, virtual effects and computer generated objects. His supporting audio compositions, including transformative scores and synthesized soundscapes, play a significant role in reinforcing the themes he explores. His work often flows through open ended narratives that explore broader human experiences and immerse viewers in those same feelings and experiences.

Project Description

Yet Flockless, Yet Shadeless explores concepts of isolation, dissociation and reconnection through a surreal dreamlike lens. Through video, audio and sculptural costume elements the work delves into the dissociative existence and how we take on the form of peculiar entities as we further disconnect and become elusive beings trapped in liminal settings searching for an avenue of reconnection with others. The work takes on projected video elements and composed music scoring, to immerse viewers and share an experience with the entities they are viewing. The work sets an open narrative that encapsulates our ability, as people, to reconnect with those in similar circumstances, finding one another when we have lost ourselves in desolation.