Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Nikkita Cowman 

BA [Hons] Art

Nikkita Cowman is a Wexford based artist. While mainly practicing in 2D, she often experiments using 3D media. Nikkita uses personal experiences and interests as her primary subjects, drawing upon these to create various forms of artistic expression. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Art, she hopes to branch out into projects of a larger scale.


Persona is a series of works based on the neurodivergent experience of masking. Masking is the process in which neurodivergent people change natural behaviours, personalities and even appearances in order to fit into societal norms. This continuous act of suppression can be quite challenging, leading the masked person to experience negative consequences such as burnout. The word "person" derives from the Ancient Latin "persona", meaning "actor's mask, character in a play". Masking can be likened to acting, linking the process to the world of theatre. This project takes inspiration from Venetian theatre, including the iconic ornate masks. The record player and vinyl canvases in which the project is based are symbolic of the continuous nature of masking. Similar to the way a record spins, the experience of masking seems to repeat over and over again.