Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Kaitlyn Jinks 

Design for Stage + Screen

Kaitlyn has recently finished her fourth and final year of Production Design for Stage and Screen (BA). Over these last few years has developed skills in AutoCAD drafting, storyboarding, model making and scenic painting. She has gained valuable experience working on projects in association with RIAM & IADT Operas from the past two years. In 2023 she worked on the design team as designer, with modelmaking and scenic painting. She was Head of Scenic department, and also responsible for the hand painted canvas flooring for the 2024 collaborative operas, Postcard from Morocco and Cendrillon. Both set in traverse which were preformed on the same set on alternating nights.

Minor Project Description

The script I chose to work with for my final is based on The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne. It is set in 90s rural Ireland while following the young couple through their escape from crime family troubles and their fight to keep living.

A Genealogy of Irish Archetypes? The Evolution of the Irish character from “The Magical Faeries” to the “Boys from County Hell”

The goal of my thesis was to examine the complex history genealogy of the Irish character, and to understand the evolution of said characters over the years in films produced globally and in Ireland. The films covered in my research allowed for exploration of Irish characters by pinpointing their differing archetypes over time from just three films. Due to the initial media depicting Ireland and its people came from a colonial lens, and that stereotypical depiction of Irish people persists through to modern day. I also looked to see how home grown film captures the more dependable view of Irish culture and characters, and how a low budget comedy horror shows off the stereotypes Irish people have about themselves.