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The BA (Hons) Art is an interdisciplinary programme that emphasises practical and critical exploration, with students choosing the materials, methods and techniques most appropriate to their concerns. The 2024 graduate exhibition includes many artworks that document or imagine specific places. Some of these places are close to IADT but others are located in rural counties, remote parts of Europe or even within the realms of imagination. Some artists depict idyllic worlds where humans and other creatures coexist happily. But several works grapple with the threat posed by climate crisis, drawing attention to the precarious balance between humans and other living entities, including plants and microscopic lifeforms. The exhibition also includes projects that deal with trauma and injustice, alongside works that explore how media, music and technology can shape the experience of social connection.

Graduates of the BA (Hons) Art may choose to pursue professional pathways in the art industry by making and exhibiting art in commercial or publicly-funded contexts. They can also apply their practical, analytical and conceptual skills to other areas, including creative writing and publishing, illustration, curating, event management, social enterprise, arts policy, research, media production, and education at all levels

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