Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Cori Doherty 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

A cinematographer based in Dublin, Cori has experience in a broad range of production settings. They specialise in advanced camera operation, having extensive experience in many different forms of camera control; from easyrigs, to different dolly systems, to the industry-standard large-scale electronic camera crane, the Jimmy Jib Triangle. they apply their background in fine art to optimise their use of composition and colour, both on set and when colour-grading.

Major Project - Cinematography for YUKAI'S "Mercy" Music Video

A dramatic music video for a drum & bass song. The story is set in the drug-induced dream of a surgery patient who recently went through a breakup. This dynamic music video was shot using a dolly, electronic jib, complex DMX lighting setups, among other advanced tools to create a striking final product.

Thesis - The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Visual Media Will Clash With The Interests of Artists

A deep dive into the technology and the philosophy behind the creation of generative AI tools, how they differ from the philosophy of artists, and what artists are currently doing to keep their place in the industry and refuse replacement to these tools. The thesis also covers the discussion around what 'art' means and if AI generated material can fit a definition of art.