Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Zai Froggatt 

BA [Hons] Animation

Zai is a stop-motion and animation specialist who animated award winning; The Toll directed by Anika O Hagan-Ploug and has been fond of the medium ever since. This path has brought them a variety of roles from model-making, cinematography to compositing.


This year, they primarily worked with Aoife O'Byrne to produce Stay Awake by taking on the roles of Set-Builder, Armature Builder, Stop-Motion Producer, Lighting, Camera and Cinematography, Stop-Motion Animator, 2-D Animator, File manager and Compositor. Allowing them to become well versed in the various stages of Stop-Motion production.

Also partook in Stop-Motion music video Colour Me Pink as lead Animator for the local Artist K E L who's on Spotify.

Additionally animated in 2-D for "Stay Awake" and "Goliath."

Metalepsis in Stop Motion- The Hermeneutics of Narrative Transgression in the Worlds of the Uncanny and Enigmatic

This interdisciplinary thesis combines the studies of Animation, Psychology, Metaphysical Philosophy and Design to explore how these areas of study interact with each other on a frequent basis due to metaleptic and uncanny experiences that can be found in film. Specifically, in relation to Stop-Motion animated films, a sub-genre of film, purposefully chosen to make horror films since, the medium is known to be uncanny due to its metaleptic nature. As metalepsis is rarely spoken about and can be an abstract term, with its definition depending on the area of study it’s being applied to, this thesis speaks in terms of Narratology, the study of paradoxical transgressions between logically distinct worlds and the crossing of boundaries between them in Animation.