Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jaka Jože Prosenik 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Jaka Jože Prosenik is a filmmaker from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He specialises in directing and has experience in camera work. His directorial debut, Live and Let Live (2022), was a student pilot filmed in Genk, Belgium, for FilmEU. In 2023, he directed and filmed the documentary La Deutsche Vita in Berlin. His latest work, Graphite on Canvas (2024), is a short drama and his graduation film from The National Film School at IADT. Inspired by his cultural background and observing society, Jaka is dedicated to using both documentary and fiction films to tell compelling stories that captivate and inspire audiences.

Graphite On Canvas - Graduate Film 2024

Martin, a 50-year-old immigrant, is working as a janitor in an art gallery. He leads a simple life, living off of microwave meals and simple sandwiches. He is a quiet man, who prefers to keep his head down and avoid confrontation.

When asked to live model for Cass, a 30-year-old art teacher in the midst of setting up her independent night course, Martin hesitantly agrees, unknowingly consenting to strip down for a group of art students.

The experience overwhelms him with an air of confidence, giving him the ability to view his drawn form in a new light. He soon breaks free of his looping existence, discovering his worth.