Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Matthew Ryan 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hello, I'm Matthew! An Irish designer raised in Germany. Before studying graphic design, I completed a BA in TV and Film Production and have won awards for my cinematography so I have a particular interest in all things motion, photo and 3D. I really enjoy playing with the boundaries of technology to try and create something new and working that into novel story telling techniques to complement conventional design.

Project Description

b/side is a music player designed to bridge the gap between the convenience of digital music and the tangible experience of physical media. Targeting a younger generation accustomed to streaming, b/side offers a user-friendly way to tap their player to records and CDs, save the music locally on their device and create mixtapes to swap and share with others. The eco-conscious design utilises recycled materials, promoting sustainability alongside rediscovering the joy of physical music ownership. Ultimately, b/side aims to reignite the passion for physical media and create a more sustainable future for music consumption.

The Beautiful Game in a Broken Country: How Football Rebranded and Reflected Germany's National Identity After World War II

This dissertation examines the reformation of post-war German national identity through the influence and support of the national football team. In this analysis, the symbols and performances that accompany the football Word Cup are used to define the ways in which the nation reflects on its national pride and identity at each given time, to understand how the public's view of itself has evolved over the decades. This research will be complemented alongside the four most impactful World Cups that the country participated in, and how each of these in turn affected and developed the concept of being German. The examples analysed showcase the power of sport to influence public perception and give rise to modern mythology that can shape a country’s international appearance.