Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Anne-Marie McAleenan 

Design for Stage + Screen

Anne-Marie is a Production Designer based in County Down, Ireland, specializing in scenic painting, prop making, and costume design. A recent BA Hons graduate in Production Design for Stage and Screen, she has honed her skills over the past four years in concept artwork, storyboarding, drafting, and 3D modelling. Anne-Marie has developed a strong interest in designing for television and film, gaining valuable experience working with RTE and TG4. Known for her keen eye for detail and collaborative spirit, her designs are characterized by a strong, lived-in, authentic aesthetic. Anne-Marie is enthusiastic about her future in production design for both stage and screen.

Toto - Design for Stage. A play by Laura McAleenan and Anne-Marie McAleenan

This production design beautifully recreated a prison cell from Kilmainham Gaol, surrounded by a captivating projection wall and frame. The play vividly brings to life the memories of Daisy Bannard Cogley, an extraordinary woman unjustly erased from Irish history. Daisy was a mother, talented cabaret singer, gifted actress, passionate radical, political prisoner, and visionary co-founder of The Gate Theatre in the 1920s. This project honors her remarkable legacy, immersing the audience in a poignant and unforgettable theatrical experience.

'Charlie Chaplin: Negotiating the American Dream'

My thesis explored how Chaplin's experience of adverse childhood poverty influenced his filmmaking.
Areas of discussion and exploration throughout :
* The Dream Sequences in his silent films.
* Poverty through the lens.
* The effect of Poverty on Chaplin's creativity.