Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Meadbh Hanley 

Design for Stage + Screen

Hi, my name is Meadbh, when I’m not holding a paintbrush, I’m dreaming about travelling the world. One day I hope my job will achieve that goal, and I will get to indulge in creative projects, whilst discovering more from the world and people surrounding me. I’m a positive and high energy person who's always up for a challenge. I’m excited and nervous for what the future holds, but, if I’m lucky it will be full of many laughs, manic moments and wildly creative people.

Project Description

Ottawa Peak - A story of a camping trip gone wrong. Two children escape with a few scratches but their brother wasn't so lucky. The antagonist in this story is a Wendigo, its features holding true to the original lore of a man turned cannibal.

Factors Featuring when Feasting

This thesis explores the various factors of food which feature in film, the ripple effect that it has on audience members, it evokes emotional responses and has a lasting effect on a person’s memory. How food betters the visual experience and is the perfect tool to connect an intangible concept to reality by relating a universal activity of eating, to both character and viewer. The versatility of food and ways it can be utilized to show a deeper meaning, character insight, cultural identification and an overall nutritional instrument that can be manipulated and adapted to fit a specific mood.