Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Shauna Cooke 

Design for Stage + Screen

My name is Shauna Cooke and I am a 4th year graduating student of Character Design for Stage and Screen. I have a strong passion for character creation and I love making abstract ideas come to life. ​My interests lie in makeup design, prosthetic design, sculpture, painting and coming up with new ideas and concepts. I have worked on numerous film and photography shoots, both professional and student level. I don’t see any job as unachievable and I love working around different logistical issues to make something work!

Irish Folk Tales Resurrected:

For my graduate project, I wanted to create something that is a lot more personal. Growing up, I always heard stories of these mythical creatures from family members and developed an extreme curiosity for these alleged creatures. I wanted to reintroduce this rich oral tradition that Irish people have always had, take elements of these stories I’ve always heard and make them come to life. I have a fascination with nature and the rich Irish culture which I also wanted to be prominent in my work.