Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Tuesday Medea Conroy 

BA [Hons] New Media Studies

Hi, my name is Tuesday and I've got way too many interests to list here! Between digital art and design, and modding video games, I'm usually hyper-fixating on online communities and internet culture. I'm currently making a documentary and doing photography at comic and anime conventions all around Ireland! I've written about eSports, Dublin Comic Con, online extremism and niche communities, as well as local music businesses and events. I've got skills in all kinds of art, editing, media production and specialise in interviews! I'm also the founder of IADT's Journalism Society, and wish the next committee the best of luck in the hopefully many years ahead!

Conventions in Ireland - Controversies and Community

A theme in my studies in final year has been conventions and subculture communities.
The article covers the controversy surrounding Dublin Comic Con and the organisation of it in the last few years. After a petition to reform the management was posted, I interviewed cosplayers, artists and organisers on the topic.
Currently, I am producing a longer documentary on the larger convention culture in Ireland, interviewing business owners, fans and passionate creators.

PIPELINES - Exploring Online Extremism

PIPELINES is a demonstration of how the social media algorithms that drive users towards extreme online communities are driven by consumption and interest. It is inspired by the undercover work of Austrian researcher Julia Ebner and many internet creators and academics who speak on the subject. PIPELINES offers a tangible demonstration that users can go through, from first creating a social media account to joining extreme subcultures and political groups. Through predatory marketing tactics, similar interests and isolating language practices, groups can radicalize users through their interests and the content they consume. PIPELINES aims to demonstrate that education and discussion of social media algorithms can not only prevent radicalisation but also add benefits to users social media experiences through community.