Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Veronika Zelentsova 

BA [Hons] Animation

Driven by her deep passion for CGI, Veronika is a 3D artist committed to continuous learning and mastering her skills. She specializes in modeling, texturing, and animation, with an unyielding ambition to reach her dream in creating captivating digital worlds.

Under the Spell

For my graduation project, I decided to create a short animated film designed to showcase my diverse knowledge and comprehensive 3D skills. Driven by my passion for this medium, I challenged myself by meticulously studying various areas of the 3D animation production pipeline, including modeling, texturing, rigging, simulation, animation, lighting, and compositing. To optimize the project, I carefully planned the production, identifying key elements, software requirements, and the specific skills I wanted to highlight. Where appropriate, I strategically streamlined certain tasks to focus on demonstrating my core strengths.

Once bored of her studies, a girl named Elle leaves her house with her cat and goes into the woods to collect some apples. While resting under the tree on her way home, she sees magic dust floating in the air. She wants to escape, but the dust enchants the girl, and she follows it through the forest to a mysterious place with runes. The dust transforms into a forest elf who turns the girl into one of her own kind. The forest seems to swallow her.

From Caricatures to Realism: A Comparative Study of Disney’s Classic Animations and Live-Action Remakes

In my thesis, I compare the original animated versions of Disney's The Jungle Book and The Little Mermaid to their live-action remakes. I argue that the shift towards realism diminishes the films' original charm and emotional impact. Live-action filmmaking simply cannot replicate the vibrant expressiveness of animation. The fantastical environments, the exaggerated character designs (particularly the animals), and the heartwarming humor of the originals are lost in translation. This ultimately compromises the emotional connection these films once held for audiences. I believe that possibly a choice in favor of traditional 3D animation could offer a far more successful and artistically fulfilling approach to reimagining these classics.