Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Kitija Salmina 

BA [Hons] Photography

Kitija Salmina (b. 2002) is a Latvian photographer based in Dublin. Her work has explored art through photography, contemporary works and visual art. Salmina's work has greatly expanded over the past several years as her global interest is explored through environmental projects, human relationships as well as abstract still life works. Her visions are brought to life through her work which also aims to educate the world on certain matters while bringing a fun and playful role to her work too.

Beyond our Reality

“Beyond our Reality” is a project that focuses on human and animal relationships in our modern world.

As the dominant species of this planet, we have belittled the animals of our world. By capturing and encaging innocent creatures we lose the appreciation value of these animals.

By creating animal/human hybrids, this series of works considers the objectifying impact of encagement. Through creating these dystopian hybrids, I aim to bring forward the sad and cruel reality of this modern world by viewing our own kind being behind bars as a site attraction. Putting ourselves into their skin and feelings would expand our understanding of their perspective. By unlocking a sympathetic emotion through the viewers, I give a clearer insight into the overlooked encagement of animals.

The Power of Photography on Ocean Conservation

This thesis examines the power of photography on ocean conservation through imagery and the power of social media as well as individuals and organisations that have huge roles in helping our planet by spreading awareness through forms of media. By diving into the current state of our oceans that are experiencing a huge downfall in our modern world and imagery which is used for bringing these matters forward will demonstrate how photography is a helpful tool for ocean conservation and critical global