Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Meabh Moylan 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi I'm Méabh. I have a passion for illustration, image making and creative problem solving. I enjoy creating bold visual identities for both screen and print and always create design solutions grounded in solid concepts from both research and user testing. I am looking forward to using and improving all the skills I have learnt from my past 4 years in IADT in design opportunities in the future.

Power of Play

We give up playing when we grow up as we become more self conscious about making mistakes and extra curricular activities become competitive and require some form of result. All mammals have natural play instincts to help learn and improve problem solving skills, although humans suppress this instinct as we get older. Growing up means being ‘serious’, but play has many benefits to improve your lifestyle. Power of Play is the theme for Science Week 2024, backed by Science Foundation Ireland (Sfi). Science Week will take place from May 2nd until May 8th, during this week Sfi will hold a week long event in which anyone can attend and experience and learn the benefits of play.
To help people keep up with daily play after the event, an app will be released in which you will receive daily games to continue improving your lifestyle.

Visualising Rebellion; A Semiotic Analysis on the work of Vivienne Westwood

This thesis aims to analyze the work of fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne Westwood became a symbol for individualism and socio-political activism. Through symbols and signs, she challenged authority and conventional ideas. In this essay I will look at the work of Vivienne Westwood throughout her career and the cultural impact she had on the world of design. From her beginnings during the punk movement to her advocacy for climate change, she used design methods to visually communicate her beliefs.